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Christoph and James discussing samples in the lab.

What is Krystalase? 

Excessive uric acid levels are the root cause of gout, a excruciatingly painful form of arthritis. Uric acid is a normal waste product of healthy human metabolism. If uric acid levels get too high, needle-sharp uric acid crystals can start to form inside joints throughout the body. The resulting inflammation is extremely painful and can cause permanent joint damage.

Theraneutrics is developing Krystalase, a patent-pending probiotic that is programmed to biodegrade uric acid in the gut. By eliminating uric acid in the GI tract, Krystalase turns the gut into a 'net sink' capable of lowering levels throughout the body.

There are many over-the-counter supplements that are marketed towards gout. None of these are backed with scientific evidence.


At Theraneutrics we are working to develop Krystalase into an effective, safe, and affordable gout solution. Because Krystalase is a probiotic, the active ingredients stays in the gut and doesn’t enter the bloodstream - unlike prescription drugs. Because Krystalase stays out of the circulation, it is safe for your liver and kidneys.

Go with your Gut 

Krystalase is based on a probiotic bacterium that has been studied for decades, and is completely safe for human consumption. This bacterium called Bacillus subtilis has the natural ability to take up uric acid and break it down into a harmless waste product. We programmed this probiotic strain using modern synthetic biology to enhance this natural therapeutic potential. In essence, we turn it's power into a superpower!   

Consuming Krystalase turns the gut into a sink for uric acid. Because the rest of the body balances with the intestine, this reduces uric acid levels throughout the body. Unlike other supplements marketed towards gout, Krystalase actually targets the root cause of gout.

Our goal is to provide you with peer-reviewed scientific evidence demonstrating Krystalase is safe and effective. Krystalase will be available as a over the counter supplement, and you won't need to see a doctor to get a prescription.

James and Christoph analyizing samples in a lab using a microscope.

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