Coming Soon: Krystalase

Krystalase is the first probiotic supplement 

specifically designed to solve your gout. 

01 / Effective

Krystalase contains the first ever probiotic specifically designed to solve gout. Krystalase is based on proven science, and built using modern biotechnology tools.

02 / Safe

Gout drugs such as allopurinol, febuxostat, or probenecid can have serious side effects. Unlike regular gout drugs, Krystalase is a probiotic. Probiotics stay in your gut and don't enter your body. As a result, Krystalase doesn't have the kind of side effects regular gout drugs have.

03 / Affordable

Krystalase is designed to be affordable and accessible. It is important that anyone can access our probiotics. Therefore, you won't need to be rich or have expensive health insurance to remedy your gout. 

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