Our Vision

Theraneutrics delivers science-based probiotics with proven effectiveness to enhance physical health and wellbeing. We leverage synthetic biology to boost the natural therapeutic potential of traditional probiotics, turning their powers into superpowers - we call it probiotics 2.0!


Theraneutrics’ probiotics are specifically programmed to biodegrade toxins and bring down levels throughout the body. As probiotics stay in the gut and don’t enter the blood, they are safe for liver and kidneys. Our probiotics are available over the counter, and you don’t need to see a doctor to get a prescription.

Our Technology

Probiotics are naturally equipped with the power to biodegrade toxins. At Theraneutrics, we leverage synthetic biology to enhance this natural therapeutic potential. We program our probiotic bacteria using their own DNA, turning their powers into superpowers. This unique approach means our probiotics don’t have DNA from other organisms.

Theraneutrics' probiotics function as nanoscale bioreactors that can biodegrade toxins in the intestine. Biodegrading toxins in the gut can in turn reduce levels throughout the body, as the gut balances with the rest of the body through the circulation.

Theraneutrics' flagship product is Krystalase. This patent-pending probiotic supplement is specifically programmed to address the root cause of gout by biodegrading uric acid. Right now, we are working on making sure Krystalase is safe for your liver and kidneys!

People with gout will be able to benefit from our  proprietary technology exclusively through Krystalase.

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Our Story

Theraneutrics was founded in 2018. We are working hard to developed safe and effective probiotics for gout and other physical health areas. If all goes well, we expect Krystalase to be available in U.S. markets mid-late 2022. Join our mailing list to keep up with our progress and be first in line to purchase Krystalase!

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Join Our Team

Partner with Theraneutrics and see       science-backed Probiotics 2.0 change lives

Our team

Christoph Geisler, CEO & Founder of Theraneutrics, LLC

Christoph Geisler

CEO & Founder

Dr. Geisler is the visionary and inventor of Theraneutrics’ proprietary technology. Christoph holds a PhD. in Molecular Biology from the University of Wyoming and a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Zuyd University of Applied Science in the Netherlands.

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James Francis

Chief Development Officer

James oversees the day-to-day operations and business development at Theraneutrics. James is a serial entrepreneur in the biohealth field. He has an MBA, as well as a bachelor's and master's degree in engineering from the University of Wyoming.

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James Francis

Hayfa Chargui

Research Scientist 

Hayfa works on the research and development of Theraneutrics' patent pending probiotic, Krystalase. She graduated from the University of Tunis El Manar with a degree in Biological Sciences. She is excited to use her knowledge to improve health and wellbeing of people across the world.

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July 6, 2020

National Science Foundation

National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research Phase 1 Grant

This week, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Theraneutrics a small business innovation research (SBIR) Phase I grant worth $225,000. During the 12 month Phase I research, Christoph Geisler, founder and CEO of Theraneutrics, will lead a study to optimize engineered probiotics and test if they can safely and effectively treat elevated uric acid levels in an animal model.


Uric acid is a compound that is a normal product of healthy human metabolism. If uric acid levels rise too high, needle-sharp uric acid crystals form in joints. The result is gout, characterized by extremely painful inflammation and joint erosion.


Prescription gout drugs all have serious side effects and are not effective for many gout patients in lowering uric acid to a safe level. Supplements that are marketed towards gout fail to address the root cause of gout and do not lower uric acid levels at all.


Theraneutrics is developing a probiotic supplement specifically engineered to biodegrade uric acid and lower uric acid levels, thereby addressing the root cause of gout. Unlike prescription gout drugs, probiotics don’t enter the circulation, making them inherently safer. Moreover, Theraneutrics’ product is designed to be affordable and accessible, so you don't need to have expensive health insurance.