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Solving Gout using Probiotics 2.0

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Krystalase is a new probiotic supplement designed to address the root cause of gout - excessive uric acid in your blood. Each dose of Krystalase contains billions of living cells that act as tiny bioreactors, eliminating uric acid.


Krystalase is designed to break down uric acid in your gut. Because the gut equilibrates with the rest of your body, Krystalase helps bring down acid levels throughout your body, stopping gout attacks before they start.

Benefits of Krystalase


Krystalase contains the first ever probiotic specifically programmed to solve gout, based on proven science and built with its own DNA using advanced synthetic biology.


Krystalase is designed to be safe for your liver and kidneys. Because Krystalase stays in your gut and does not enter the bloodstream, it stays out of the rest of your body.


We believe everyone should have access to affordable gout relief.  We designed Krystalase to be available without a prescription or expensive health insurance.

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Backed By Science

Theraneutrics is pioneering probiotics 2.0 We leverage traditional probiotics with advanced synthetic biology tools.

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Changing the way we live with gout

Gout is an extremely painful joint inflammation. Gout is a debilitating and disfiguring condition that can cause permanent joint damage. Over nine million people in the U.S. have a history of gout. Prescription drugs are expensive with risky side effects. Various over-the-counter supplements are marketed towards gout, there's no evidence they actually work.

Our goal is to help people with gout get the relief they need. We achieve this goal by providing them with proven tools that effectively address the root cause of gout by breaking down uric acid.

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