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About Theraneutrics

01 / Our Story

Dr. Christoph Geisler founded Theraneutrics in 2018. He has a PhD in Molecular Biology, (co-)authored 17 scientific papers and 2 book chapters, and is an inventor on 4 US patents.

Dr. Geisler has extensive research experience. His groundbreaking work provides proof of concept that Krystalase can solve gout.

Currently, Theraneutrics is in the R&D phase. We are working hard to solve your gout by making Krystalase available in US markets.

02 / Our Vision

Even though gout is becoming increasingly more common, big pharmaceutical companies have failed to develop any truly new and innovative solutions for well over 40 years.

Theraneutrics was founded to address this problem by developing next-generation probiotics that are affordable, accessible, and broadly effective.

Our mission is to solve your gout through engineered probiotics.

03 / Our Technology

Theraneutrics is developing Krystalase, a patent-pending probiotic supplement that is specifically engineered to reduce uric acid levels within the gut. This transforms the stomach into a uric acid sink, lowering levels throughout the body. This overall reduction stops gout crystals from forming.

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